September 28, 2011

Unable to activate Windows Tailored Application

This error occurs when you try run Metro application from Visual Studio 11 in debug mode. There are troubles with display drivers and minimal Metro application resolution. The minimum resolution for Metro applications is 1024x768.

In my case was solution disable multimonitor display and run application.

Margie’s Travel Metro App

Margie's Travel application was demonstrated on BUILD conference by John Shewchuk. This application demonstrate Windows Azure Access Control Service. Sample application is included in Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8.

More information: Metro Stype Apps with Windows Azure by Wade Wegner.

Visual Studio 2011 Page Inspector

Have you seen Page Inspector on the BUILD conference? This tool isn't included in Visual Studio 2011, it is addon. You have to use WPI (Web Platform Installer) to install it. There are two separate installation for VS 10 and VS 11.

Good article about it (MSDN, Jorge Gabuardi Gonzalez)

Remember the Milk to the Kindle

There is no direct export tasks to the Kindle. Workaround is use Send to Kindle add-on on print export.

Today's tasks to Kindle
  1. Filter today's tasks - Ctrl+Shift+/, type due:today, Enter
  2. Print export
  3. Send to Kindle

September 2, 2011

When all else fail ...

When all else fails and your code is hard to test, you have three choices: use a “super” framework like Typemock Isolator, change the design, or quit your job.
Source: The Art of Unit Testing: With Examples in .Net